Add2 Productions is a new imagining of a collaborative production company. Add 2‘s vision is to deliver realistic support to new theatrical endeavours that are innovative and original and to support those ventures to successful commercial realities.

Founder Kati Hind’s vision is to work collaboratively with artists to further imaginative and excellent independent theatre. Her passion is to grow independent theatre and to empower creative talent to the recognition of larger audiences, and success.

To deliver this vision she has put together a creative and inspirational team who are dedicated practitioners across all areas of the performing arts industry. Key members or the team who want to assist you include Directors, Designers, Casting Directors, Marketting Specialists, Production Managers and Fundraisers.

We provide a network of professional collaborators to fit any gap in your existing and future plans. We have expertise at any stage of your production, from a kernel of an idea or a fully-fledged production Add2 will help you with all aspects of your production to identify success, whatever that looks like for you.